Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

Paloh Print Sdn Bhd offers varieties of graphic design templates and printing services for the corporate and individuals. Meanwhile, we provide services include storing of printed material from previous orders, images, pictures and logo through Paloh Print Sdn Bhd websites. Paloh Print Sdn Bhd (“PALOH PRINT” “us” “our” “we”) operates this Site to provide online access to information about PALOH PRINT and the products and services we provide (the “Service”). By accessing PALOH PRINT’s World-Wide pages, you agreed to the following Terms & Conditions set forth herein (“Terms & Conditions”). Additional terms & conditions applicable to specific areas of this Site or to a particular content or transactions will also be posted in particular areas of the Site and, together with these Terms & Conditions”).Additional terms & conditions applicable to specific areas of this Site or to a particular content or transactions will be posted in particular areas of the Site and, together with applicable additional terms & conditions, are referred to as this “Agreement”. If you do not agree to the following terms & conditions, you will be prohibited from using services provided by us.

Paloh Print reserves the full right to make amendments or modifications to this Agreement at any time without any prior notice. Your use of the Site following any such modification constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Agreement as modified and to any additional guidelines, restrictions, or rules that may be posted in connection with specific sections or services of this Site. All such additional posted guidelines, restrictions, or rules are hereby by reference into this TERMS & CONDITIONS column. Any legal entity or private person that accesses this site should review these TERMS & CONDITIONS each time they access to the Site. The last date these TERMS & CONDITIONS were revised is set forth below.

2. Use of Site

You may use the Service, the Site, the information, text, graphics, photographs, document layouts, artwork, writings, images and or other information that you see, hear or otherwise experience on the Site (the “Content” solely for your noncommercial, personal purposes and/or to learn about PALOH PRINT products and services. No right, title or interest in any Content is transferred to you, whether as a result of copying such Content or otherwise.

PALOH PRINT reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in all Content. Except as expressly authorized by this Agreement, you may not use, distribute, publish, alter, copy, distribute, transmit, or derive another work from any portion of the Content obtained from the Site or the Service, except as expressly allowed in there TERMS & CONDITIONS.

3. Copyright

Our Site and Content are protected by Malaysian copyright laws and belong to PALOH PRINT or its subsidiaries or the copyrighted property of parties from whom PALOH PRINT has licensed such property. The copyrights in the Content are owned by PALOH PRINT or other copyright owners who have authorized their use on the Site. You as the customer may download and reprint Content strictly for non-commercial, non-public, personal use only. (If you are browsing this Site as an employee or member of any business or organization, you may reprint Content only for educational or other noncommercial purposes within your business or organizations, except as otherwise permitted or allowed by PALOH PRINT). Except the Sample Design and Templates being provided, you may not manipulate or amend nor alter in any way images or other Content on the Site without specific permission from PALOH PRINT or the copyright owner.

4. Sample Design and Template

 PALOH PRINT has included Sample Design and Templates to provides convenience and flexibility to our customer on certain pages within the Site. You may print, reprint and manipulate the Sample Design and Template for this purpose, but you may not change or crop the composition of the image, or use images for any commercial purposes. Any other use may require specific permission from PALOH PRINT or the copyright owner.

PALOH PRINT can at any time without prior notice add to, delete from, or modify any part of the Content. All sample design template created using the design tool of the Site can be made available for use by other parties in the future. You do not obtain any right or claim to any of the Sample Design and Template through your creation of a template and/or your incorporation of a Sample Design and Template into one or more products. Other PALOH PRINT customers may use the design tools to create designs such as business card that have similar or identical combinations of these Sample Design and Template. Therefore, PALOH PRINT does not guarantee that your design will not have any similarities to the designs used by other parties. PALOH PRINT provides no warranty of any kind that designs created using design tools will not infringe or be subjected to a claim of infringing the trademark or other rights of another party. It is solely your responsibilities to obtain advice from an attorney regarding whether design is legally available for your use and does not infringe the rights of another or third party.

You may use this Site and its Content for the sole purpose of creating, designing, and ordering products or services (referred to herein as “Products”) soles through PALOH PRINT. No other download, use, publication, retention, or distribution of any portion of the Content is authorized or permitted. Apart from the finished Products as they are supplied by PALOH PRINT, you are not entitled to use any portion of the Content from PALOH PRINT.

5. External link

Links on the Site to third party web sites or information are provided for your convenience. PALOH PRINT does not endorse, sponsor, recommend, verify, or attest to the accuracy of the content of the web sites that are linked and accepts no responsibility for their use or content. If you use the links to the websites of PALOH PRINT affiliates or service providers, you will be considered as leaving PALOH PRINT website, and will be subjected to the terms of use and privacy & security policy applicable to those websites.

6. Conduct of Use

You agree to use this Site in a responsible manner that is in full compliance with these TERMS and CONDITIONS and with your local laws and regulations, including export and import regulations. You agree that you will not use the Site to produce Products that are offensive, unlawful, harassing, libelous, threatening, harmful, obscene, malicious or otherwise objectionable. Without limitation, no portion of the Content may be utilized as a trademark or service mark, for any pornographic use, for any unlawful purposes, to defame any person, to violate any person’s right of privacy or publicity, to infringe upon any copyright, trade name, trademark, service mark or other intellectual property right of any person or entity.

PALOH PRINT may terminate its service to any customers found to be using PALOH PRINT to engage in any undesirable activities. You are solely responsible on your use of any Content in combination with any other images, graphics, text or other materials you incorporate into your Products. By accessing to the Site, you agreed to that you will not include any text, image, design, trademark, service mark, or any copyrighted work of any third party in your Products unless you have obtained the appropriate authorizations from the owner of the Sites. You warrant that your Products do not infringe upon any rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, and will not libel or defame any third party, and that you have all required rights or permissions necessary to incorporate third party material into your Products.

By placing order on this Site, you will have all necessary permission, right and authority to place the order and PALOH PRINT is being authorized to produce the Products on your behalf with your permissions.

7. Downloading Files

PALOH PRINT cannot and does not guarantee that files or software available for downloading through the Site will be fully compatible, free of infection by software viruses or other harmful computer code, files or programs.

8. Use of Software

Any software available for download via the Site is the copyrighted work of PALOH PRINT and its licensors. Use of such software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement that accompanies or is included with the software. Downloading, installing, or usage of any such software indicates your acceptance to the terms of the end user license agreement.

9. Disclaimer



10. Limitation of liability

In no event will PALOH PRINT be liable for any damages whatsoever including but not limited to any direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary, or other indirect damages arising out of

  • The use of or inability to use the Site, the Service, or the Content.
  • Any transaction conducted through or facilitated by the Site.
  • Any claim attributable to errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in the Site, the Service or the Content.
  • Any unauthorized access to or alteration of your transmissions or data, or
  • Any other matter relating to the Site, the Service, or the Content, even if PALOH PRINT has been advised of the possibility of such damages. If you are dissatisfied with the Site, the Service, the Content, or with the terms of use, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue using the Site.
11. Indemnification

You understand and agree that you are personally responsible for your behavior on the Site. You agreed that you shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless PALOH PRINT, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, joint ventures, business partners, officers, licensors, employees, agents, and any third-party information providers to the Service from and against all claimed, liability, losses, expenses, damages and costs(including, but not limited to, direct, incidental, consequential, exemplary and indirect damages), and reasonable attorneys fees and expenses arising out of or related to

  • Your breach of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS or
  • Any suit, claim, or demand arising from or relating to any text, photograph, image, graphic or other material you incorporated into Products that was not part of the standard Site Content.
12. Privacy Policy

You agreed and confirmed that you have read and understand to the mydelamour.my Privacy Policy, the terms of which are incorporated herein, and agreed that the terms of such policy are reasonable for you. You consent to the use of your personal information by mydelamour.my, its third-party providers, and/or distributors in accordance with the terms of and for the purposes set forth in mydelamour.my Privacy Policy. If you are not a resident of Malaysia, please note that the personal information that you have submitted to the Site will be transferred to Malaysia and be processed by mydelamour.my in order to provide its Services to you, or for such other purposes (as set forth in Privacy Policy)

13. Membership Terms and Conditions

This is to confirm that you have read, understood and also agreed to PALOH PRINT membership terms & conditions (as set forth in the terms and conditions), the terms of which are incorporated herein, and as well agree that the terms of such policy are reasonable for you.

  1. Membership
  • Membership applications is open to all residing in Malaysia with agreed more than 18 and above. However, approval of membership is subject to the discretion of the Management of PALOH PRINT.
  • The management of PALOH PRINT has the right to reject any individual member status or to terminate a member’s membership at its discretion without prejudice.
  • Individuals who wish to join PALOH PRINT as a member must first complete the simple online registrations form. Each PALOH PRINT member is entitled to only 1 account. (Online Member Account).
  • Members may terminate their membership at any time. As proof, all requests for the termination of membership must be in writing and email to PALOH PRINT.
  1. Ordering /Operations
  • All printing of PALOH PRINT products will be solely undertaken by PALOH PRINT or its appointed vendor. PALOH PRINT members are restricted from submitting any order for an PALOH PRINT product to another printer/lithographer. If a member does not adhere to or trying to do so, management reserves the right to terminate this service account and membership as card-body as demand the return of all materials and information pertaining to PALOH PRINT. In such the case, PALOH PRINT will reimburse that member for the return of materials which shall be considered as used and payment shall be as according and subject to the condition of those materials.
  • PALOH PRINT members are solely responsible for their own customers including any transaction such as payment/collection.
  • PALOH PRINT always reserves the right to reject any order that does not fit or comply with the standard product specifications for output set by PALOH PRINT and stated in the members PALOH PRINT website.
  • Once you as a member submit an order to PALOH PRINT, it is considered a purchase. Once an order is in the process stage. (For instance, “Print”, “Shipping” or “In Processing’ status) it cannot be cancelled or amended.
  • If member request or would like to amend and resend artwork file to PALOH PRINT, this have to be completed within 14working days after “Pending” notice is given by PALOH PRINT. Or else the order will be considered void. All payment made (either full or partial payment) for that particular order will not be refunded. PALOH PRINT will not entertain any members request to change the order once it has been confirmed.
  • Order will not be processed if payment is not made via online.
  • We provide urgent order to our members with a certain amount of charges. Once members have agreed to be charged on with the conditions of urgent basis, full payment have to be made before order being processed. Thereafter, there will be no refund if members wish to cancel the order once it has been started.
  • PALOH PRINT will only print full color sample as according to the actual files that is given by members during the order request.
  • PALOH PRINT will provide official receipt for every purchase made via online.
  • PALOH PRINT shall take legal action to prosecute any member who suspect to making fraudulent deposits/payment to us. Membership will be also be terminated with immediate effect.
  • Shall member have any questions or special request regarding to their orders, members shall leave us a message in our official email: delamour_studio@hotmail.com.
  1. Payment
  • All orders will be started once payment is completed. Member are advised to email to (delamour_studio@hotmail.com.) a copy of bank deposit slip/fund transfer slip as proof of deposit and for verification purposes.
  • Payment methods accepted by PALOH PRINT as per below:
  • Cash bank in/Duit-now transfer to PALOH PRINT SDN BHD. All payments shall made to the following Bank Account:

Alliance Bank Berhad – 080 1800 1025 7098   Swift Code: MFBBMYKL
Public Bank Berhad – 321 789 7625
OCBC Bank Berhad – 720 1182 367

  • CHEQUE must be made payable PALOH PRINT SDN BHD.
  • Please be reminded that production will not begin or started until payment has been received. As advised by bank, this may take up to maximum of 5 working days (excluding of Saturday, Sunday and holidays).
  • CREDIT CARD: VISA or Mastercard
  • E-wallet
  • Amount being overpaid for less than RM10.00 will be forfeited automatically and it is not refundable. Meanwhile amount could not be used for next order as well.
  1. Pricing & Delivery
  • There is no extra charges or surcharge for standard delivery unless is an urgent order request as mentioned in clause 2.7.
  • Exact reprints for the same order before will be charged at the same price.
  • Services, products and pricing is subject to change from time to time due to market price fluctuations.
  • All goods will be delivered by PALOH PRINT’s appointed courier service company.
  • PALOH PRINT will not liaise with any customers on member’s behalf.
  • For urgent orders, members are advised to call in to our friendly staff for special arrangements.
  • Pricing might differs based on locations on goods being delivered to, for instance West Malaysia and East Malaysia.
  • Members also can request for self-collection at our shops but there will not be any discount being given.
  • Additional delivery costing will be imposed if or when the below happens:
  • Wrong delivery address being provided.
  • Delivery address request to change or request for self-collection at PALOH PRINT’s office after goods has been shipped out.
  • Courier services where given delivery address is not available.
  • Special delivery time request (eg, not during office hours)
  • Customer not available to receive goods during expected delivery time and date.
  • Courier to overseas.
  • Other unexpected situation or request by members.
  • It is advisable for members to fill in a complete shipping address to ease and fasten the delivery process. Order with address only PO BOX will not be entertained.
  • Goods delivered by PALOH PRINT are packed according to PALOH PRINT’s standard packaging. Once goods left the premises, there are no longer responsibilities of PALOH PRINT SDN BHD. Shall there is any discrepancies in printing quality or quantity of goods, members are advised to contact our staff for further assistance.
  1. Artwork File Preparation/ Transfer
  • All artworks should be saved into individual files and according to each order.
  • All artworks must be sent to PALOH PRINT through the internet or by courier service.
  • Due to the different color displays on various monitors, printed color on end products may differs from what appears or seen on screen. Therefore, PALOH PRINT will not be responsible for any color discrepancies request at the end product as a result of member’s reliance on the said color displays instead of PALOH PRINT Color Reference manual to set his/her colors for output.
  • PALOH PRINT will not be responsible to reprint or refund caused by artwork file submission by member due to following reasons:
  • For any misplacement, pictures blur, spellings or typo error on customer’s artwork.
  • Any content fills up with overprint (font, picture and etc) which will not be printed out in final product.
  • Printing file must be saved as CMYK four-color format, if artwork file is RGB, Pantone color or other color format, PALOH PRINT will convert it to CMYK four color format. Color variance caused by the conversion will be considered as acceptable by member.
  • Picture, text and etc cannot be too close to the bleeding line, allowance of 3mm ++ is a must to avoid post press error. (Cutting order)
  • Font size lesser than 8pt might result in blur and content unable to be seen clearly.
  • All C100, M100, Y100 and K100 percent (5) cannot be more than 250% as it will result in overlap problem and etc. For solid black color, the code is C50 and K100.
  • Draw of line and curve less than 0.076mm/0.25pt will result in break line or not being printed.
  • Text and picture should retain at least 10mm from book center position pine area or cutting area for booklet print.
  • PALOH PRINT cannot be held liable for any consequences in the event of an artwork goes undetected.
  • Guidelines and artwork specifications are included on PALOH PRINT Website, members are required to prepare their file accordingly, failure to do so might result in mistakes shown on the end product in which PALOH PRINT will not be responsible for as we print based on the file sent by members.
  • Late submission of artwork might result in late or delay in delivery. In the case of late submission of artwork, PALOH PRINT reserves the right on negotiation of new completion or delivery date, propose additional charges for “rush or urgent work”, or reject the job alternatively.
  • PALOH PRINT shall not be held responsible for any copyright infringement of artwork content being provided by members.
  • PALOH PRINT reserves the right to reject any job/artwork that is deemed to contain offensive literature or images.
  1. Printing Outcome Expectations
  • Color reproduction or accuracy is generally subjected to the limitations of gang-run printing method. Therefore, the accuracy of color reproduction is NOT guaranteed.
  • PALOH PRINT can assures you that the color reproduction & consistency of every piece of your product printed in the same batch will be the same. However, we cannot be held liable for color differs or variations between jobs printed in different batches at different ordering periods.

    Litho Offset

    Digital Offset

    +/- 1.5mm

    +/- 2.0mm

  • Tolerance of the cutting edge for:
  • Printed surface dotted with dirt shall not be more than 1dot per 5cm2 and the dot shall not be bigger than 0.3mm.
  • While PALOH PRINT will take every cautions step in handling pressure sensitive materials like carbonless copy paper (NCR), we cannot guarantee that they will be completely free of markings after printing completions.
  • For products with Spot UV finishing, tolerance of registration is ±0.5mm. Member may reject the order if Spot UV defects affect only 2% or below of the printed quantity per order.
  • For products with Hot-Stamping finishing, tolerance of registration for:




    Business card

    +/- 2.0mm

    +/- 2.5mm

    Loose Sheet

    +/- 1.5mm

    +/- 2.0mm

    Money Packet

    +/- 2.5mm


  • Finishing such as Spot UV and Hot-Stamping may caused the card thickness to become uneven and when packed cards may become slightly curved. (eg: not flat when placed on table, in wallet, card holder and etc). PALOH PRINT shall not accept any rejects claims for curved Business Cards due to these factors.
  • For products with thin paper material such as money packet, art paper, or simili loose sheet with hot-stamping finishing, stamping pressure may leave a stamping mark on the back of the product. Hence, members shall be aware of the risk and PALOH PRINT shall not be held liable and responsible for the stamping mark on the back.

    Litho Offset

    Digital Offset

    +/- 1.5mm

    +/- 2.0mm

  • For product with die cutting, tolerance of cutting for:
  • For reverse printing artwork, all wording that consist font size less than 5pts and without BOLD, must add outline to reduce the wording blurry problem. PALOH PRINT shall not bear the consequences on the wording blurry due to small font size.
  • For Litho Offset printing, maximum total ink coverage must not be more than 240%, Too much ink coverage may cause set off problem. Hence, members shall notice this risk and PALOH PRINT shall not be held responsible for set off problem cause by total ink coverage is over 240%.
  • PALOH PRINT shall not be held responsible for any Overprint setting in your artwork. PALOH PRINT shall not bear the consequences of the printing outcome. Hence, please do the self-check for any unwanted Overprint setting in your artwork.
  • Folding Finishing: When the folding finishing is applied to paper products like Loose Sheet, Money Packet, Booket, etc., the folding pressure may cause slight paper cracks along the folding line. These cracks will look more noticeable on solid colors. This issue is unavoidable as it is a result of the nature of the paper fibres. Therefore, you agree that PALOH PRINT shall not be held responsible for this issue and this issue cannot be submitted or reported as a reject.
  • For products with Emboss finishing, tolerance of registration is ±0.5mm. Member may not reject order if Emboss defects affect only 2% or below of the printed quantity per order.
  • Due to the nature of out products, we cannot guarantee an exact match between repeat orders.
  1. Color Disclaimer (Litho-Offset)
  • In order to provide a better and more competitive end cost to our members and a quicker turnaround of the printing matter, PALOH PRINT groups together CMYK work. This form of printing referred to as “gang-run printing” or “batch printing” is used for the printing of PALOH PRINT standard products, and marginal variations are to be expected from one print run to another. As such, while we take great effort to mater colors as accurately as possible, we cannot be held liable for these marginal color variations or inaccuracies in the printed matter which may be more evident in reprints. A 100% exact color match is not possible to be made, the most accurate means of color matching entails printing the job in solation (entire-run print) as a standalone job. Meaning that printing should be supported by contract proofing and will result in the print cost of the job being significantly greater.
  1. Refund/ Reprint
  • PALOH PRINT will only refund or reprint the goods if it arrives at the hand of the members in a damaged condition. PALOH PRINT will not refund nor reprint the product shall there is any mistakes detected on the content of the print due to carelessness of the members for not checking the files properly before submitting it to us. PALOH PRINT is not responsible for any other loss.
  • In any case of damaged goods, members are first required to take a digital photo as proof the moment the parcel or goods arrives at the hand of member. Members can then email the picture to us at delamour_studio@hotmail.com.. We will take the appropriate action and get back to members as soon as possible.
  • Full payment amount shall be refund to member who paid by cash, cheque or bank transfer. For member who paid by credit card or paypal, the refund amount is only after deduction of 3% + RM2 service charge from the total payment amount.
14. General Provisions

(i) Entire Agreement/No waiver. These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter hereof. No waiver by PALOH PRINT.